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11*7mm natural color and virgin HDPE material MBBR biofilm carrier manufacturer

11*7mm natural color and virgin HDPE material MBBR biofilm carrier manufacturer

    • 11*7mm natural color and virgin HDPE material MBBR biofilm carrier manufacturer
    • 11*7mm natural color and virgin HDPE material MBBR biofilm carrier manufacturer
  • 11*7mm natural color and virgin HDPE material MBBR biofilm carrier manufacturer

    Подробная информация о продукте:

    Место происхождения: Китай
    Фирменное наименование: Smallboss
    Сертификация: SGS, FDA, ISO9001
    Model Number: PE02

    Оплата и доставка Условия:

    Количество мин заказа: 5 кубических метров
    Цена: discuss personally
    Packaging Details: woven bag
    Время доставки: как ваш кты требования
    Условия оплаты: T / T, L / C
    Поставка способности: 50 кубических метров в день
    Онлайн консультант
    Подробное описание продукта
    Material: HDPE Surface Area: 900m2/m3
    Density: 0.96-0.98g/cm3 Size: 11*7mm
    Port: Shanghai or Ningbo


    11*7mm natural color and virgin HDPE material MBBR biofilm carrier manufacturer


    Product Description

    MBBR Technology and Biofilm Carries
    MBBR technology is based on the biofilm principle with an active biofilm growing on small specially designed plastic carriers that are kept suspended in the reactor. The technology utilizes the advantages of both activated sludge and other biofilm systems (e.g. biofilters, biorotors etc.) without being restrained by their disadvantages.
    The carriers are designed to provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm and optimal conditions for the bacteria culture when the carriers are suspended in water.
    Solutions based on MBBR technology is mainly used in the following applications:

    + For new plants, especially those requiring a small footprint and easy operation, for BOD/COD and nitrogen removal

    + As a high loading system in front of existing biological treatment - roughing reactor

    + To increase the amount of nitrifying bacteria in existing activated sludge system using the WOCK OLIVER carrier in a hybrid plant to meet ammonia limits

    + To implement post-treatment to existing plants for process improvements

    Plastic Seal / Mbbr Media/Mbbr

    MBBR Technology
    Technical Details
    The aerated MBBR uses, as the activated sludge process, the whole volume of an open tank. It is defined as a biofilm system, as the biomass is growing on carriers that move freely within the reactor volume and are kept within the reactors by a sieve at the reactor outlet. The system can be used either for aerobic or anoxic processes. In aerobic processes the biofilm carriers are kept in suspension by the agitation created by air from aeration diffusers, while in anoxic processes a mixer keep the carriers in movement. A schematic of the principle in an implementation of the WOCK OLIVER MBBR technology is shown below

    (Figure 1).

    Plastic Seal / Mbbr Media/Mbbr
    Figure 1: Schematic showing the principle of the MBBR

    Small Boss MBBR Biofilm Carries
    We supply a range of biofilter media, This product is sold by the cubic metre. These products are suited to fluidized or moving bed tank systems. These are also called "Biofilm Reactor (MBBR)"systems and are used for treatment of water and wastewater.

    Self cleaning due to turbulence:
    Due to the turbulent movement of the biofilter media in suspension,the filter media is self-cleaning ,requiring no maintenance.This allows the filter to reach optimum effeciveness without the disturbance of periodic maintenance,avoiding unnecessary loss of bacteria within the filter.This allows stable,low levels of ammonia and nitrite within the water.
    The first few of these products are similar to the patented kaldnes media used in fish farming and waste treatment .The design creates an environment for effective nitrification to take place .Twater flow is created by aeration tha circulates the media throughout the vessel .This high suface area of these products traslates into a small physical area needed for the biofiltration unit.
    Due to vigorous mixing of the kaldnes-like media through aeration,the media is self-cleaning,Requiring no maintenance.This allows the filter to reach optimum effectiveness
    Periodic maintenance is not necessary,preventing the unnecessary loss of bacteria and subsequent ammonia and nitrite spikes in the system.

    Media volume needed:
    with good turbulence and aeration, a feed rate of between 0.25 kgs and 0.75 kgs of 40% protein food per day requires 50 litres of media.

    Model Size(mm) Specific Surface Area(m2/m3) Bio-film formation Duration
    Nitrification Efficiency Preferential Temperature (ºC) Services life(years) Number of unites per m3


    >800 5-15 400-1200 <65 10 >660,000
    PE02 Φ11×7 >900 5-15 400-1200 <65 10 >1.038,000
    PE03 Φ10×7 >1000 5-15 400-1200 <65 10 >100,000
    PE04 Φ16×10 >800 5-15 400-1200 <65 10 >3340,000
    PE05 Φ25×12 >500 5-15 400-1200 <65 10 >135,000
    PE06 Φ25×12 >500 5-15 400-1200 <65 10 >97000
    PE07 Φ35×18 >350 5-15 300-800 <65 10 >33000
    PE08 Φ5×10 >3500 5-15 500-1400 <65 10 >2000000
    PE09 Φ15×15 >900 5-15 500-1400 <65 10 >230,000
    PE10 Φ25×8 >1200 5-15 500-1400 <65 10 >140,000



    The core of the MBBR technology are the biofilm carriers. They are designed to provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm and optimal conditions for the bacteria culturea when the carriers are suspended in water.

    Small Boss has developed several types of carriers with different shape, size and surface area. This gives us the flexibility to use the best suitable carrier depending on wastewater characteristics, pretreatment, discharge standards and available volumes. Currently we have ten different types of carriers
    Plastic Seal / Mbbr Media/Mbbr


    Контактная информация
    Tongxiang Small Boss Special Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

    Контактное лицо: Ivy Wong

    Телефон: +8618868385576

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